You Too Can Write an e-Book

E-books sell like crazy on the web, yet many writers worry too much about writing them and never do.

By following just a few key tips, you too can write an e-book.

First, hone-in on the topic you want to write about in your e-book. Research the topic to ensure that readers are seeking this information and buying it. Then, write a series of shorter articles on the topic.


It’s easier to start by writing a single article than to imagine writing an entire book. So start there: one article at a time. Pretty soon, you’ll have a bunch of articles. And, even better, you can sell those articles to help market the entire book even before you’ve finished writing it.

Post the articles and also other web sites and gauge the response. If you’re getting hits, then people are interested in your book idea.

As you write the articles, start piecing together the overall structure of your e-book. A common book structure an introduction, the book’s content, a conclusion and possibly an area with other resources. Some books offer bonus materials to help entice buyers and to boost its value.

Some authors write an article and then plug it into their e-book to give themselves an idea of how the finished product will appear. Keep it shorter, rather than longer. About 50 pages is a good length. This is because it is not necessarily easy to read books from a computer screen.

As you write, keep a file of extra and special information that is not included in the main book. This can make up a bonus section. It might be a few articles you initially wrote in developing the book, but did not end up using. Or, it might be a short piece you did extra on the topic. Either way, it will appear to be a bonus and an extra something that will entice the buyer.