To Make a Statement: Copywriters Should Stop Working for Free

Copywriters sometimes lash out to posting on job sites like Craig’s List.  Today, I spotted one that suggested a person grossing $250,000/year was asking writers to write for free on their blog.  The copy writer was very angry: The person raged against the blog owner.  As a copywriter, I puzzled over the best way to handle this. I feel pretty strongly about what I do and its value.  Simply, copywriters need to stop working for free.

Stop Working for Free


Good, quality, engaging content has a price attached to it.  You’ve heard the phrase 10 cent words.  I use them in Scrabble all the time.  My education and experience are what allow me to charge a reasonable rate for my writing.  I certainly don’t mean to pretend I’m Bianca Raven, but I do feel strongly that every service, especially in business, has a value. You need to attach what you feel is a good value to what you do.  Then, stick to that value as your bottom line principle when you price out jobs.

American wage

After seeing several ads offering $3/post and $5 for 1,000 word articles, you should stop responding. Consider how much you have to produce in order to make a liveable American wage.  The minute copywriters start realizing that the best statement they can make is not to play along is when the rates may start changing to a reasonable amount.  If copywriters would stop responding to these ridiculous ads, there would no longer be a market for employers to charge such laughable rates.

If a girl threw sand in your eyes as a kid, your mom might have told you not to play with her.  If you disobeyed, you got sand in the eyes again.  Stop putting yourself in the sand box with those who throw sand.  There are plenty of monkey bars, slides and sweet wiggly bridges you can play on.  So, copywriters unite, make a statement: get out of the sandbox, don’t apply to silly, join köpa melatonin, undervaluing ads and, well, charge what you’re worth. For me, it’s 10 cents a big word, thank you very much.