Techniques to Drive Traffic

Business marketers fail to promote their website on the internet in an appropriate way and as a result they do not get quality traffic. The only way to get higher conversation rates on your site is by driving traffic. There are different ways to manage traffic if you have suitable investment.

Size is crucial: Quality engagement is the key when it comes to social media. On Google plus, having more number of followers is important as it is linked to Google search engine. With more number of followers, your website ranking gets better.

drive traffic

Posting improves SEO: Along with a huge following, posting frequently can allow you to share your blog post or a new page that you add to your website. Alongside articles, Google+ posts can be seen in the search results. People can now see recommendations in their connections in their Google search results as well.

Use pictures and videos: Increase follower interaction by posting pictures and videos on your wall so that there is variety in the content you share. This will also increase your Google search engine ranking and help potential followers to locate you.

Engage in conversation: Take time to go on Google+ to comment on other people’s posts, pictures and videos. Look for popular conversations and comment on them. This will expose you to better prospects, who are important in building traffic.

Separate page for your business: Google+ has a business page feature where you can add your professional information and add people to your circles. Add links to your business page profile in different places so that most people notice your profile.

Use keywords: Add important keyword phrases in the ‘about’ column and also your business page so that it is easy for your prospective followers to find you.

Google has also developed a new system where it shows author information in the search results. This is to help users find great content. As an entrepreneur, you can lay claim on articles and blogs that you have written.

Web Copywriters: Web Copywriter is a person who writes for the purpose of business, Advertising, marketing a service/product. He mainly creates copywriting content for a web page. A Copywriter works as a part of creative team.