Tapping Everyday Experiences to Develop Article Topics

When you can’t seem to generate new ideas to write about or feel like you’ve hit a rut, turn to the everyday events in your life for ideas.

The things that happen to you each day are great fodder for articles that readers of websites, newsletters and other publications might find interesting.

Everyday Experiences

Everyday Experiences

Why do you think reality television shows are so popular?

Maybe you run your own home business. If so, think carefully about some of the seemingly mundane goofs and setbacks that you’ve encountered recently. Maybe your dog accidentally spilled your coffee all over your new desk chair. If he did, use it.

Develop an article about time management and use the dog example to demonstrate how people with well-planned days can take such disasters in stride while still accomplishing the key tasks on their agenda.

Or, maybe you’re writing about a cleaning produce. The spilled coffee example would be a perfect real-life scenario to use for your article. Explain how thankful you were to have a great cleaner handy to clean the spill before it could stain your new chair.

Those are much more interesting and believable ways to write articles than to simply detail the pros and cons of a cleaner, or discuss the benefits of time management.

So, how can you do this on a regular basis with your writing? Here are three tips for getting started:

1) Buy a small notebook at a store and keep it in your purse or back pocket. When something happens in your life that catches your attention, write it down. It only takes a few seconds.

2) Revisit your past experiences. Think of situations that you’ve experienced that you might be able to use. Don’t just think of yourself. Think also about situations that have happened to those close to you.

3) In addition to the notebook, start writing in a journal at home. This is where you really can keep track of events that happened, goofs, rewarding experiences and just the day-to-day things of everyday life.

Tapping life’s experiences is a fruitful and often rewarding way to develop content for writing articles. Once you start following this method, you’ll never run out of ideas and hopefully never get writer’s block.