Tap Yourself Free

Is It Real—Can You Free Yourself from Negative Thoughts & Emotional Responses …Forever?

News Breakthrough: Amazing Technique Gives People Freedom & Control over Harmful Memories and Behaviors Almost Permanently…

negative thoughts

Dear frustrated friend,

Imagine having all your negative thoughts, memories and behaviors vanished. Imagine having the confidence to accomplish anything you want. Imagine having the independence to do what you previously fear.

And how about a healthy, pain-free body? And would you enjoy freedom over your addiction for smoking… drugs, coffee, alcohol… or liberty to remove just about every unbeneficial feeling or behavior causing you harm—in minutes?

These are just some of the remarkable advantages and fringe benefits you can have with perhaps the most powerful alternative healing technique you’ll ever discover.

Hard to believe? Perhaps. But I’m not asking you to believe anything just yet, until you see evidence for yourself.

All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof. It will take just a few minutes, yet the rewards can be enormous because from all over the world, people who used this technique have later reported improvements in:


·        Intense bad memories

·        Depression

·        Uncontrolled anger

·        Unrestrained sadness

·        Obstructive thought habits

·        Hatred for self & others

·        Impatience

·        Over-defensiveness

·        Heart-racing nervousness

·        Approach Anxiety

·        Greed

·         Traumas

·        Guilt and insomnia

·        Fear of public speaking

·        Fear of social situations
(Social anxiety)

·        Fear of rejection

·        Fear of success

·        Phobia for anything, e.g. heights, water, being alone, being in the dark, certain insects, reptiles or animals, etc.

·        Stress

·        Panic attack/
Unfocused thoughts

·        Procrastination

·        Weight loss/
Craving for food·        Headache·        Migraine·        Allergies·        Self sabotaging·        Constipation·        Physical Pain

·        Fingernail biting

·        Sexual abuse

·        Addiction to smoking

·        Addiction to drugs

·        Addiction to coffee

·        Addiction to alcohol

·        Body embarrassment

·        High blood pressure

·        Diabetes

·        Multiple sclerosis

·        Cold

·        Acne

·        Asthma

·        Stiffness

·        Lower back pain

·        And more!


Now what if I told you the list above is only a fraction of what’s possible to improve with? What if you have thousands of other negative thought patterns, behaviors, emotional responses or psychological barriers… and you can now eliminate them as you want, whenever you want to?

If mental or physical barriers seem to trouble you and drift you apart from the life you dream of… and you have deep desires to make positive changes happen in your life right now—then this is surely, going be one of the most important letters you ever read.

Before we show you the ‘full scoop’ however, let’s first see how it all started, shall we?—

Callahan’s Discovery, Craig’s Improvement

It all started back in the 1980s when Roger Callahan, PhD, a clinical psychologist with about 30 years of experience as a therapist stepped out of bounds with a client named Mary.

You see, Mary has severe water phobia. She couldn’t take a bath without heavy distress or get out on the streets under rain.

During the first 18 months, having tried many different therapeutic approaches such as progressive relaxation therapy… rational-emotive therapy… systematic desensitization… hypnosis and many other therapies, she continued to have nightmares and fear that water might kill her.

She often talk about an intense feeling in the pit of her stomach just thinking about water (Have this happened when you’re afraid or nervous about something?).

But one day… she came to see him with a stomach ache.

At the time, Dr Callahan had been learning about traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and applied kinetics, so out of an “I wonder” attempt he asked her to tap under her eye—the end point of the stomach meridian—to see if this would help lessen the aching.

To the doctor’s astonishment, she announced immediately that her phobia was gone, and raced down to a nearby swimming pool to throw water in her face! No fear. No headaches.

It all went away, including the nightmares. And she was since freed from her water phobia. When the story was first published, people thought it was an American commercial but she attested to it 12 years later on TV. The cure has held for all these years.

This event drove Callahan in the early 80’s to develop TFT (Thought Field Therapy), a set of ‘algorithms’ for Tapping on specific acupuncture points directed to specific ailments and dysfunctions. But in TFT, numerous algorithms can be created from the same points in a different order, so it is less easy to remember for some.

Then in 1991, Gary Craig, a Stanford trained engineer and personal coach took his TFT training and applied this method with his clients. During the next five years, he spent time simplifying the method and finally realized the low importance in the sequence of Tapping.

Eventually, he developed his own algorithm which uses the same points for everything, and became Founder to this technique you’re about to unearth.

His system became phenomenally successful, and has been in use since the early 1990’s to change the lives of countless people around the world. With its history explained, I introduce you

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), the Art of Tapping to Release

All Negative Emotions Stored in Your Memory

My name is Magnus and I’ve been teaching EFT for several years.

[*Better story, reason, or proof of credibility?]

Because I couldn’t restrain myself any further seeing people living their lives in pain every day—all without this ‘half-miracle’ technique to alleviate their sufferings and live the life they want (like how hundreds and thousands of fortunate and pleased insider practitioners from all corners of the world are currently benefiting from it every day)…

I’ve finally decided to combine all the most effective, fastest and efficient EFT techniques into one suitable method to be made known and easy for anyone willing to learn it to discover for their own.

And even though EFT can be used to give relief to the ill (by reasons you’ll soon realize as you read down this page), what I’m most passionate to share with you is how you can use this technique to gain freedom and control over your mind once again.

In fact when you have this area solved, your body will begin to naturally respond in such a way so it’s immune to most physical obstructions… allow you to live with your mind in harmony—and give you a state of mind so powerful, so focused & so dependable you’ll feel close to being invincible.

Most of all, your results will last, and whenever new negative patterns emerge you’ll get to tap them away. It’s like having full dictating power over your entire life from now on.

I’m really intrigued about EFT because of its sheer power in helping people relieve their most unwanted problems. Just the thought of having such ability to never be affected by bad memories, behavior patterns and much more would already get my heart racing fast!

Realizing you can learn what I’ve discovered throughout these years, I knew there had to be a widespread way to let you and all other troubled friends in the world to benefit from this technique.

That’s why I’ve dedicated the last few years into studying it, gathering my discoveries and combining what I realized into one amazing resource for everyone to find out. And you’re about to reap all the rewards from my efforts in a while…

Now I like to refer EFT as Tapping because it’s easier to understand for most people. For this reason, we’ll call it Tapping as we continue!

How Tapping Works

By now you’re probably wondering why Tapping works, and how exactly does it give you the results you’re after.

Well it all comes from China.

According to the Chinese, our human body is comprised of meridian points where ‘Chi’ flows. The reason we feel feelings in different parts of the body, is because each feeling is held in a different meridian.

For example we tend to feel nervous feelings in our stomach, angry feelings in our forehead, stressed feelings in our shoulders.

When energy flow is blocked and unbalanced somewhere along that meridian in our body, it will cause different ailments and dysfunctions to our mental or physical health.

That is why in the beginning, people use acupuncture to balance out the ‘Chi’ flow of an ill person’s body. However, what eventually came out of research now shows you can send similar ‘shockwaves’—like when needles are poked into the body and stimulating meridian points—simply by Tapping on them!

So instead of having to get immobile putting needles all over your body, Tapping can now give you the same results anytime you want and at anywhere you choose to do it.


In fact, here’s one amazing video created by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT explaining to you how this works, even testimonials & results from people who have found this technique miraculous:

When you’ve finished watching, continue below.


As you will soon discover, Tapping is most of the time same in its sequence. The biggest difference between what I’m about to teach you and what others show will be the advanced Tapping methods & inductions involved to help you gain freedom & control over your mind once again.

With what I’m about to reveal, you’ll understand exactly what to tap when you have a problem. You’ll know how to move on if Tapping doesn’t seem to resolve your problems fully—which aren’t taught in basic EFT guides.

(Tip*: When it works, you’ll feel immediate relief & confidence on what your mind previously fears or feels uncomfortable with.)

You see, sometimes it works instantly with issues you identify on first impression; sometimes there are little subtle reasons generating destruction power behind struggles most people wouldn’t think would matter.

Once you tap them, it’s done. But until you work out what they are, they can still mess you up. So what’s the solution to get results fast? We’ll touch on that in a minute, but let’s first take a quick view on how most of your upsetting problems come about!

How Do Your Negative Thoughts & Emotional Responses Come About

From an excerpt of my notes after years of research: There is a basic mechanism by which the human mind associates negative feelings with memories as they are created in present time. When we are later unconsciously reminded of the memory, we feel the feeling.

This is an animalistic survival mechanism evolved to protect us from danger and warn us against repeating actions which, in the past threatened our survival.

In order to respond very fast to danger, this survival mechanism generalizes on a wide scale. It also matches current situations to past memories in a loose way. With the complexities of modern life, it becomes confused and sometimes goes wrong on caution, triggering inappropriate feelings in certain situations.

Because of this reason, our survival mechanism is responsible for the overwhelming mental and emotional problems (including inconveniences such as severe success barriers, social anxieties, failing to maintain a happy relationship and more) we experience every day.

Each negative feeling corresponds to a similar portion of physical tension held somewhere in the body, which wastes energy and restricts the flow of blood and lymph (otherwise known as ‘Chi’).

This explains why you will stay in a troubled or stressed state if negative feelings are persistently stimulated in your body. When this happens, your body uses more resources on maintaining a fight or flight response rather than maintaining your health and well-being as a person!

But with Tapping, you can now eliminate all these problems. And you can eliminate them fast.

To hand you my advanced ‘secrets’ to Tapping your problems away in the shortest period of time, I have compiled my researches and knowledge in one book.

Yes, after days and nights jotting my everyday experience, leaving out what’s unnecessary, compiling what is crucial to know and use in order to tap away people’s most disturbing negative thoughts… memories… emotions… behavior patterns—almost all you can think of removing from your life…

Finally I’ve gathered a series of valuable lessons to teach anyone—no matter what conditions they’re in—how to relieve and eliminate their deepest problems to reaching their better self, to gain freedom & control over their mind andget what they deserve again in wealth, health & relationships!

It piled a 134-page manuscript from every hard-earned experience I’ve gone through in the past years, advanced Tapping ‘secrets’ for self-development and relevant stories of how you can apply what works like magic for many others into your life as well (and you can learn them all within one day!)—

I truly believe you’ll be a changed person if you but follow the step-by-step instructions and insights revealed.

Will you be interested to read further into it? If you answer “yes” to this question, I proudly present you:

 “Tap Yourself Free”—Secrets to Gain Freedom & Control over Your Mind Whether in Health, Wealth or Relationships

Everything I have discovered about using Tapping for self-development is in this book. This book will make you see your life differently and put you firmly in the driving seat.

As you turn over the pages of this book, you will open your eyes to powerful knowledge such as…

  • All you need to know about the nature of your conscious and unconscious mind…
  • The interplay of thoughts, negative feelings, and beliefs (so you can do what’s necessary to fix problems immediately)…
  • How to find limiting beliefs holding you back (and make sure they never affect you again!)
  • How Tapping works and why it is so powerful… plus… advanced ‘secrets’ to identify your core problems & eliminate them successfully!
  • And clear, real-life examples of how Tapping can improve the quality of your life immediately…

It is my hope that following the guidelines in this book will show people how to become the person they want to be. It worked for me—because I could never have succeeded in a project like this without following the principles described in the past.

With the knowledge revealed in this book I have tapped away my barriers to success, and I want to see you do the same. This book will show you the key to making changes you hear from other self-help resources. You see, it is your negative beliefs that stop you changing—but now you can remove them with Tapping as you desire!

When they are, rapid self-development becomes a breeze. And with these pages in hand… you’ll soon get to—

  • Free yourself from excessive stress, anxiety, and depression!
  • Destroy lazy feelings stopping you from exercising or working out and getting the body you want!
  • Eliminate shadows of past relationships as well as open yourself up to new, fulfilling and happy ones!
  • Find you can forgive what you thought was impossible and free yourself from bad memories!
  • Wipe away food cravings and get leaner with much less effort!
  • Become someone who falls asleep quickly, sleeps soundly and wakes up easily with great energy.
  • Finally understand procrastination and develop the habit of doing things on instincts.
  • Learn how to achieve and succeed in any goal you choose to in your desired time frame…
  • Open yourself to money and wealth, in however ways you want!
  • Plus so much more!

Chapter after chapter, you’ll find solutions to almost all worries you can imagine. If you ‘secretly’ desire to get your problems fixed now, to improve your life in all three areas mainly wealth, health and relationships, this book will show you how.

As long as there’s an issue which appear to give you bad feelings or negative results in life, Tapping can help disappear it and further improve your living quality!

Finding Core Issues

Now here’s some interesting fact: new tappers at times experience little or no results from Tapping. In this case, the hardest thing for them to realize is their problems are not always what they think they are.

When Tapping “doesn’t work,” it’s usually NOT because it doesn’t work.

Instead, often times the real reason is because they didn’t address the issue properly. If this happens to you—perhaps you haven’t been specific enough or maybe new aspects are rising when you’re Tapping old ones away.

There are many live examples to discover core issues throughout the various chapters in “Tap Yourself Free.” With these real stories, you will learn how to tap them away precisely.

Fortunately, there are some ‘secret’ questions I can share with you now to speed up the process. When Tapping doesn’t work, you can ask these questions to unravel core issues behind your problems immediately:

  • “What does this issue remind you of?”
  • “When was the first time you can remember feeling the same kind of feeling?”
  • “If there was a deeper emotion underlying this problem, what might it be?”
  • “If you could live your life over again, what person or event would you prefer to skip?”

A favorite answer people like to give to these questions is, “I don’t know.” When you get this, be persistent. You can say, “Well just guess for me.” The guesses are usually right on target.

Closer to Perfection

Actually, perfection is impossible. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get closer to it. In fact with this book, there’s no reason you won’t improve as an individual in whole as you apply what’s revealed inside…

I would like to state all the benefits you can get in wealth, health or relationships, but overall it’ll still sound similar since what Tapping does is give you what you really want.

If you feel bad and want it vanished, you can do it instantly. If you realized a flaw in your character, you can remove it from you and become a better person in minutes.

If you want success, tap away success barriers. If you want wealth, find out what’s stopping you and purge it away so fortunes are naturally attracted to you.

If you want health, eliminate the negative causes in your mind. If you want a beautiful relationship, free yourself from un-constructive emotional responses to unwanted situations!

It’s an endless list! You can expand it, summarize it, put it in any way you want—and yes, it can sound over-promised at times—but when results come showing up one by one, that’s when you realize how valuable Tapping or EFT really is!

‘Tap Yourself Free’ explains how your negative feelings and limiting beliefs stop you from achieving all these things, so you’ll know where and how to tap them away as required. By the time you finish reading it, you’ll discover:

Part One:

  • How to control one secret mechanism responsible for all negative feelings stored within memory of human mind and change it with peace
  • Why your emotional reactions are exaggerated than it should be, and how to free yourself to respond appropriately in the future
  • Secrets to reallocate wasted life-energy for optimum health
  • Specific ways to reliably activate the ‘releasing’ mechanism every single time with Tapping
  • My discoveries into Tapping, and what happened in this journey to improving my sex life


  • Why external factors like looks, acting and loud arrogance still lose when compared to just being comfortably relaxed
  • How to eliminate try-hard or unconscious creepy behaviors and regain respect, attraction or favor in people’s eyes once again!
  • Dave—my hypnosis friend’s revelations to me in a pub to release stomach-queasiness, leg-shaking and stammering voice when nervous and gain calm confidence instead within 30 seconds
  • Affects of Tapping in subtle aspects of your behaviors
  • How Tapping can resolve your wealth issues and unearth a new journey to passive income
  • What can unconsciously make you run in another direction from wealth
  • If you thought to yourself, “I don’t know who I am any more”—you should read this right now because you can find who you are
  • An epiphany of the world we live in—why you’re not living in the real world at all


  • Why you should conduct your own personal experiments to verify my reasoning
  • How the reverse-engineering of religions, human, historical figures and events is connected with Tapping
  • How Tapping can improve one’s charisma, beauty or attractiveness towards the opposite sex
  • 5-steps to going back where a negative feeling begins, and like removing a tree off its roots—completely vaporize negative emotions attached to the memory within minutes
  • The story of smart, funny and very beautiful Lucy, and why she snaps at constructive criticism aggressively—plus how she developed the behavior…back when she was 4 on her street.
  • What needs to react very fast, and has to be very simple, matching behavior patterns in you in a broad way to keep you alive.
  • Many people think it’s strange, but you’ll discover subtle reasons (from his short story) why Ralph—good looking, well paid & overall a man women chase after has absolutely no confidence when it comes to interacting with females.
  • When 99% of negative feelings you feel each day actually comes from.
  • Why I’m depressed for two years at university for what seemed like absolutely no reason at all.
  • Why do you wake up the next morning and have sad feelings come flooding back as you lie in bed helplessly
  • How to develop an intuitive ability to see the roots of people’s behaviors and see the world in an entirely new light
  • What happens when you add feelings to thoughts and keep it guarded at all times…
  • What do you actually defend in arguments (hint: it’s not what you think!)


  • How advertisers and good public speakers stick a message in someone’s mind with this covert technique
  • Why do some type of people dislike you for no reason at all, and how you should react in situations like these
  • Why insecure people acts defensively or unfairly towards other people, and why someone who is victimized amongst one group of people also gets victimized in another.
  • The good news of good emotions and what you should do with it
  • What superficial baggage we carry around and we would like to change about ourselves
  • Introduction to ego, how you can see the world without a spec in the eye
  • If you can remember a time… when almost all you do turn out to be successful effortlessly—yes, you can now have the choice to access it again!


  • The two components of memory, and what happens when you recall one
  • Magical system of memories and how it records new information
  • 4 simple, step-by-step secrets to releasing emotional baggage, and how Tapping comes into the picture
  • 4 major benefits of Tapping compared to popular alternative treatments
  • Where negative emotions are held, and how to specifically tap them away on each part of our body
  • What you should do to avoid letting your brain get tired too quickly
  • Magnus’ exclusive drawing to meridian paths through the body
  • Nicola Quinn’s “EFT Chakra Clearing Protocol” and how to do it to achieve amazing results fast
  • How to use advanced Tapping methods to do it faster, more effectively and in a much more comfortable manner
  • The advancement of awareness and how Tapping becomes fairly automatic with present and past feelings
  • 3 incredible steps to achieve Cognition—the “aha” moment seeing your problems as they are, and suddenly everything falls into place
  • Experience of 5 years in psychotherapy likened to a 2-3 hour Tapping session
  • Why releasing and suppressing creates totally different benefits for you
  • “The Convincer”—and how to use it on a feeling, a belief or a memory
  • The change of memories in people and what’s interesting to watch about it
  • Story of a client who had forgotten what it was like to feel lethargic when first waking up and since get out of bed easily after Tapping
  • Natural improvement in Mark with his ‘inadequacies’ in talking to girls and getting their phone numbers
  • A secret tactic to progressing from your past problems in a clear-cut way
  • How you can get the balance between an introvert & extrovert and keep at your top state of mind!
  • A free resource to your own Myers-Briggs personality test
  • 4 stages to the “Tapping Road Map”, and how they can guide you to clear phobias, remove barriers and achieve success in your goals!


Part Two


  • How to deal with your problems and make them disappear
  • Story of my depression, Carol Anne, and how it leads back to a child at age 9 or 10 who would cry himself to sleep—plus how you can solve this if a past memory triggers your negative emotional responses continuously
  • Why stress doesn’t happen overnight, and the seeds of it usually planted in childhood or adolescence
  • The grown-up newspaper boy, a contract five times his pay and his “nerve-racking, sick feeling in stomach”
  • How addiction is a strategy we develop for dealing with negative feelings
  • Story of Hamish and how he gave up smoking after just a ten minute tapping session!
  • My’ ease of compulsion for chocolate bars
  • How the tidiness of your living area is proportional to how sorted out your life is!
  • Procrastination & laziness and the magic question to discover how to Tap away feelings rationalized with an excuse! (You’ll also  Zachary with his $6,000 of unpaid invoices, and how Stavros got over with procrastinating with doing his chores.)
  • A technique to discover if you’ve forgiven somebody entirely
  • How to Tap away post traumatic stress disorder, and what Gary Craig, inventor of EFT has done to Vietnam War Veterans to create profound positive results
  • What I did to beat away depression before learning about EFT, what his life philosophy to true happiness became and how you can benefit from it
  • Story of my trip with Air Cadets and a friend who falls asleep easily—and pretty deeply!
  • What one of the greatest techniques for self-development is, and why emotional components affect your waking up process in a huge way
  • What is FakeTired—have this happened to you?
  • How to fall asleep and wake up with ease with these Tapping
  • What happiness and confidence both stem from
  • Why no matter how hard we try to feel differently about a situation we dislike, our thoughts will keep coming back to the same conclusion
  • Story of Trey and his feeling of inadequacies, lack and incompetency with women and around his superiors at work—plus how his world changes with what you’re about to unveil
  • What the best book I found on the subject of money is
  • Wealth and how it should come to you in return for doing what
  • How we changed the world in our heads, and have the real word brought into line with this book
  • How to tap away success barriers that lead us to sabotage our efforts (Once you have done this, you will find yourself taking steps to success automatically and effortlessly.)
  • Secrets to achieving any goal and step by step instructions to make what you want happen
  • Story of Paul, his swimming experience and how it affected his beliefs with being a fashion photographer, a career he has absolute passion for
  • How the desire of wanting my mom to sit down and help me with writing a GCSE history coursework about Christopher led to present frustrations with my project drafts
  • Why all the other 11 year-old kids teased me for my A minus project, and how this made my mind warn me about bad feelings on finishing it
  • What me and my friend Matt were doing one night leaving a nightclub in London, trying to walk long a railing between the road and the pavement and how you can learn any skill multiple times faster with Tapping
  • Finding love and healthy relationships—how no other area of our lives do emotions run higher than this part of our life
  • What is the difference between people who find it natural to forgive themselves and their previous partner, and people who don’t
  • How a couple became more amiable towards each other after a session of Tapping with one question
  • What to do to let positive emotions start to flow, including romantic love
  • Why you must first love yourself, and the two reasons why we like somebody
  • Story of a lovely girl I dated, why she didn’t wanted to see me again after the third or forth time, and how Tapping eventually let her find herself wanting to see me again
  • What to do to eliminate negative feelings against resentment towards a similar behavior given to you by different people
  • Medicine, stress and illness—the statistical link between them and how your body actually react to negative emotions
  • Do you know someone who just never seems to get ill? How do they usually tend to be?
  • The Emotional Diet and what in everyday surroundings can turn our healthy eating ‘intuition’ into bad cravings for food
  • How I lost a stone in a couple of months effortlessly eating what I like
  • The London Underground experience that stopped me from walking up the stairs and taking the escalators instead
  • How Tapping vanished my negative feelings going to the gym, improved my confidence and make me happier now with my body than I’ve ever been
  • How you can achieve faster results for a lot less effort with Tapping
  • What I did to Tap away my food allergies and get to eat my favorite chocolate cheesecake and freshly baked chocolate cookies again!
  • Story of Will’s allergies for wheat and my friend Miranda’s allergies with Hayfever
  • The spiritual truth behind religious dogmas and how you can literally remove ‘sins’ from your body and mind
  • A ‘secret’ fun question to ask in order to find your purpose in life
  • What your default life purpose is until you discover it
  • On interpreting good or bad dreams—how our feelings in the dream traces back to an event in our life, and specifically what you can do to improve it
  • Explanations of how Karma works in real life, and how Tapping can break the cycle if it’s negative
  • How you can make the Law of Attraction, gratitude, and an attitude of ‘Pronoia’ really help you achieve what you want
  • Ego detachment and enlightenment—it’s hard to understand this unless you experience it yourself—but when you do… you will see the world in a new light, as the one overseeing everything your self does
  • The alternative healthcare industry is full of quacks and charlatans, this is exactly what you should do to help your cells create a healthier body state!
  • Story of Alice who had breast cancer, and how she cancer-free now with the help of Tapping and conventional treatment!
  • Tapping our planet, Tapping for world peace—how it is all possible
  • And much, much more details inside!

To say the truth, this resource alone is almost all you ever need to solve your mind and body’s emotional problems forever. In fact, it’d be ridiculous if you can find a more detailed EFT or Tapping book online which teaches you all the valuable information revealed in “Tap Yourself Free.”

As you turn over the pages of this book, you’ll realize how much you can relate with the content—and also discover how they can help improve your current life situation instantly!

What Would Such Resource Worth to You?

What would such resource worth to you if it can bring an end to all your worries and troubled concerns?

What would it worth if you can attract what you want (be it wealth, physical materials or personal development) all naturally because your success barriers are now vanished?

What kind of value would it bring if you can now feel healthy and get into wonderful relationships with people you love?

Perhaps your answer is it’s invaluable. Maybe it was something that money can’t buy all this while.

But times have changed, and the chance has presented itself. If you want to realize your most desired goals in wealth, health or relationships and live the life you truly dream of, now you can get “Tap Yourself Free” for only $39.95 to discover how.

Listen, we’re talking about an improved life, your improved life—a valuable life in whole—with only one chance to spare doing the right things.

With “Tap Yourself Free,” you can now learn how to begin doing things the right way and spend your lifetime doing things you can be proud of, doing what other people will admire you for.

Yes, Let Me Download “Tap Yourself Free” Right Now!

“As we are liberated from our own fears, our presence automatically liberates others.” –Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

And, I’m so confident you’ll benefit greatly from this book, I’m willing to give you my one-full-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee:

My Make Yourself Proud, 365-Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Read “Tap Yourself Free,” apply what is revealed inside. If within 365 days you think it has benefited you in value less than you invest (whether in wealth, health or relationships), then kindly send me your request for a refund. I will be glad you gave it a try, and would be happy because you probably learned something from it at the least.

That’s not all, because if you get this book now I will also add up two bonuses to supplement your reading:

First Bonus: “Tapping Guide”

In this Tapping Guide I explain precisely how to tap, and how to find and remove the barriers that block you from achieving common goals. You will learn how to go through a ‘cleansing period’ of three to six months, begin to find it hard to revive negative memories, and be forever calmer and in the moment.

When you reach this point you shift gears into ‘maintenance period,’ where you just tap the few things that come up from time to time, usually in situations you do not encounter everyday.

Getting Rich

Second Bonus: Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

This hundred-year old book by Wallace Wattles is available all over the internet and many people offer it as a bonus with their e-books. I used to think this was because it was out of copyright, but after reading it (a dozen times now) I realized it’s because it holds valuable timeless information.

This book will compliment the wealth areas as described in “Tap Yourself Free.” With it, you’ll find out what you are doing wrong, and how to Tap your success barriers away because following that, you’ll have the courage and precision to action out the plans to wealth.

In short, both are extremely potent materials and will speed up your success with Tapping in ways you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Note: These are valuable gifts I maintain or update personally and carry real value as bonuses. They may be taken off or exclusively delivered on their own any time, so act now if you want to keep these two bonuses along with your investment in “Tap Yourself Free” today!

Yes, Let Me Download “Tap Yourself Free” Right Now!

Time to Change

Here’s an interesting fact: You do not have to believe in these techniques for them to work. Some people mistakenly conclude Tapping gets results simply because people believe in it. That is a particularly strange conclusion because it is usually made by those who are skeptical.

The fact is, people rarely believe in these techniques at first. They are almost always skeptical… at least to a degree. Despite the usual lack of belief by newcomers the results obtained by Tapping continues to show time and again. People make their improvements in spite of their skepticism.

But because it is so dramatically different from “conventional wisdom,” it is consistently, and understandably, greeted with skepticism. Well Tapping is not alone in this. Other innovations have met with similar attitudes. For example, here are some apparent quotes from history:

“Everything that can be invented has been invented.”
Charles H. Duell, Director of U.S. Patent Office, 1899

“Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.”
Lord Kelvin, President Royal Society

“Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote.”
Grover Cleveland, 1905

“There is no likelihood man can ever tap the power of the atom.”
Robert Milikan, Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1923

“Who the heck wants to hear actors talk?”
Harry M. Warner, Warner Brothers Pictures, 1927

Would you agree they’re senseless skepticism?

It’s time we stop listening to these unconstructive skepticisms. I say we let results speak for themselves. I say give Tapping or EFT a real test. You are your best proof and testimonial whether this WORKS, so use it for yourself and see what happens!

If you are unhappy with the way you currently are, it is not your fault. But now that you know how to change it, it is absolutely your responsibility to make things right.

Buy “Tap Yourself Free” and make what you want—whether in wealth, health or relationships—come true right now.

Take action before it’s too late, before success barriers dawn on you again and stop you from achieving what you desire, before negative mind patterns make suffering for your body, and before you subconsciously ruin important relationships around you.

Get it and discover how to fulfill your deepest desires immediately:



P.S. Take action and get “Tap Yourself Free” right now.

All you have to do is give it a 365-days 100% satisfaction guaranteed trial. If you aren’t amaze with results you achieve… or one of your friends didn’t at least mention the positive difference in you within this period of time—then please kindly send us a request for your refund.

I’m confident this book will change your life, and that is why I’m willing to back it up this way. If you aren’t completely satisfied, I’ll be glad to send you your money back, and happy because you’ve read it and could perhaps spread the word about EFT or Tapping with your closest family and friends.

P.P.S. You don’t have to make a decision. Get the book and read it immediately. Apply the advanced Tapping ‘secrets’ revealed, and see if positive results happen.

I’ll see you on the other page.

Yes, Let Me Download “Tap Yourself Free” Right Now!

“Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, EFT will be one of their primary healing tools …. as it is for me.” – Eric Robins, MD

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