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Copywriter – Seth Chong

Posted by Seth Chong on
Amazon SEO Listing Optimization Copywriter

Amazon SEO Listing Optimization Copywriter

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5 Amazing Long-Term Creative Copywriting Strategies

Posted by Seth Chong on

The key to great marketing is that you continually provide creative copywriting. And after a few years, that can be hard.

You might start to feel like you’ve already written about everything in your field. How do you turn your cold brain into red hot ideas?

Take on a persona

Creative copywriting exudes personality. You can get a sense and a feel for the views, ideas and opinions of the minion behind the keyboard.

Why not take this as an opportunity to be someone else, for a change? Pretend you’re writing like a high-school girl who has a huge crush on a boy while you spin out dating blogs.

Imagine you’re a world-traveled adventurer while you give advice about summer vacation spots. You might even jazz up your creative copywriting just by usin’ a new way of talkin’ to your audience.

You might  want to decide you want to try writing for Amazon SEO services as route to a full time job. Explain how you would set off on a journey to be an Amazon copywriter.

Take yourself away from your standard writing practice and give any of the aforementioned ago. I think you might be surprised.

Copywriting Strategies


The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Copywriting

Posted by Seth Chong on

When it comes to the copywriting industry, outsourcing work has become a big part of the business.

SEO copywriting very often will call for the creation of twenty articles or more depending on the job, and sometimes can require the writing of over a hundred articles on one given subject – this can cause a copywriter to have writer’s block.

For a lot of busy website owners who run and manage many different sites, there is not enough time in the day to possibly create all of these articles.

Outsource Copywriting

Outsource Copywriting


How to Overcome Writer’s Block?

Posted by Seth Chong on

Writer’s block refers to the incapability to write on a given subject. It is that temporary gap between gazing at a blank screen or page and loading it with the required information. Writer’s block is very common even amongst eminent web copywriters and can become a very frustrating experience for the writer.

It usually occurs when writers have to write about a topic of which they do not have enough knowledge. It can also happen when the writer has too much information or very little information about the topic. It is also very difficult to write when the topic is uninteresting or if the writer is undergoing a lot of stress.

Writer's Block


Writing Online Advertising Copy that is Effective and Persuasive

Posted by Seth Chong on

There is a lot of talk from marketing professionals on how to write online advertising copy for your online business that is both effective and persuasive to potential customers. The reason for this is because a lot of website owners make the mistake of replacing good, solid content with web elements such as flash animations, in an attempt to draw more attention and business to the site. However, they are actually turning business away. Why is this? Because behind those flash animations and free services that are popping up, there is a lack of quality copywriting content.

Online Advertising Copy