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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Copywriting

Posted by Seth Chong on

When it comes to the copywriting industry, outsourcing work has become a big part of the business.

SEO copywriting very often will call for the creation of twenty articles or more depending on the job, and sometimes can require the writing of over a hundred articles on one given subject – this can cause a copywriter to have writer’s block.

For a lot of busy website owners who run and manage many different sites, there is not enough time in the day to possibly create all of these articles.

Outsource Copywriting

Outsource Copywriting

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You Too Can Write an e-Book

Posted by Seth Chong on

E-books sell like crazy on the web, yet many writers worry too much about writing them and never do.

By following just a few key tips, you too can write an e-book.

First, hone-in on the topic you want to write about in your e-book. Research the topic to ensure that readers are seeking this information and buying it. Then, write a series of shorter articles on the topic.