SBO Resale Treasures

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From: John Tan
Re: SBO Resale Treasures

  • Do you want to stop investing in different products, membership sites or coaching programs, and, begin making huge, constant and automatic income on the Internet every month so you can enjoy
    or share the amazing experiences with your loved ones?
  • Are you exhausted from searching for the right niches to market your own products… or… tired from finding brand new, quality & valuable resale or private label right products to make money from anytime you desire… and want to do it constantly & consistently without many competition at all, forever?
  • Are you frustrated with all the existing top resale and private label right membership sites out
    there (if you’ve been in the Internet Marketing industry for a while) and want to be a part of one
    that actually gives you what you really want, to access the most valuable product & content source
    (we’ll proof it) ever available to you?
  • If you have joined one of the top resale and private label right membership sites before, are you tired of having to wait an entire month before you get fresh updates of products & content to make rivers of revenue profiting from them every single time?

If your answer is yes to ANY of the above, you’ve come to the right place.

Create wealth online

Create wealth online

And for the Most Part Like You, We’ve BEEN Through
What You’ve Been Through As Well

No that’s not meant for wordplay. We meant it sincerely, because like you — we’ve also begun as beginners online and eventually made our way through with experience… the acknowledgement… and… the wasting of money on most products marketed on the Internet (which didn’t live up to their promises) in the past few years.

You have probably graded all these products, and chances are they always come short of your expectations.

Now haven’t you joined mediocre membership sites that promises quality niche resale or private label right products only to find out they somehow… just doesn’t give you full satisfaction deep down inside?

Membership sites you hoped would be better, but couldn’t do anything much about and had to put up with paying them month after month of membership fees… wishing they’ll — somehow — come up with something more valuable or sellable this time because they are your only product & content source?

Have you come onto the Internet to make financial freedom from it, only to find yourself spending more money on products and courses famous “gurus” sell and couldn’t make your investment back most of the time?

Aren’t you tired of wasting your time, effort and precious savings trying to find “the solution” to create wealth online, and want to finally make a real income online plus do it the proud, relieving & satisfying way? If any of these description fits you or your past —

You Don’t Have to Put Up With Any of It Anymore

You’ll understand why, but first before we continue: Let’s have a quick reframe.

Now we speak of experience, because whatever your belief is: You CAN actually make huge, constant and automatic income on the Internet and attain financial freedom for you and your loved ones if you give it a little effort (we did, and if you’ve been long enough you know many did too — effortlessly.)

We don’t mean it like the get-rich-quick marketers of course… we meant you can actually own fresh, quality niche products you have FULL confidence to sell (because they offer tremendous value to people) and make a killing marketing them, constantly, every week if you want.

You see:

With so many products, memberships and coaching programs out there promising wealth to people… swamping US with their never ending offers, offering US products that didn’t live up to OUR satisfaction —

In the end we had chosen to put an end to this suffering for people like you and me:

  • People who want to make instant returns on our investment and make it pay many, many times over in years to come…
  • Marketers who want to forget everything else (forget the useless mediocre courses or membership sites that doesn’t give you any profit) and finally be a part of the best community providing us with almost all of the latest, quality & valuable products we can profit from week after week from the entire industry!
  • People who want to finally… invest our money in something we can truly make wealth from, years ahead, and enjoy the financial & time freedom we’ve attained online with our appreciated and loved ones (be it vacation, luxury spending, expensive purchases and more)…
  • We as business owners who care for our customers and want to provide them with products and solutions they really need, want or desire — and give them exactly what they wanted it while constantly delivering value to them for their money! —

We understand exactly how you feel…

And That is Why We’ve Created “SBO (Start Business Online)
Resale Treasures,” The Resale & Private Label Right Membership Site Which Strive to Satisfy And Make the Average Person Real Profits Week After Week!

Don’t you think your business would grow if you only get fresh, valuable and high-quality products & content
to sell and profit from… week after week, continuously?

This includes ALL available PLR and resale right products provided in the industry — and you can ASK us to purchase them for you if it’s not already there in our membership!

If you want to finally make profits from your online investment… then this membership site is what you need to fulfill your desires once and for all.

As you read on, you’ll realize why “SBO Resale Treasures” is all you need to create continuous, massive wealth
and success online forever — at will, and how you can attract ceaseless cash-flow into your bank account in the
next 10 minutes…

Finally, A Membership That Lets YOU Be In Control

In just minutes from now, you’re going to learn about a breakthrough membership site that will allow you to drive in simple, step-by-step income online anytime you want (and most of all do it the quick and easy way.)

As you witness inside the members’ community within “SBO Resale Treasures”

Here Are Just A Few of the Advantages and Offers You Will Get & Discover:

  • You get all the latest niche resale or PLR products (everything you can possibly get) added weekly instead of monthly, keeping you ahead of the game and profit at an even faster pace than everyone else!
  • You get to request for new products & features – When you enter our members’ community, you get to fill in a form to request for new products and features. With this alone, you are on your way to get almost EVERYTHING you ever need on the Internet because you’re able to tell us what it is you really want and we’ll go all out to purchase it for you.No kidding. This feature will also allow us to keep improving and you can
    let us know exactly what you want so we can provide them to you in record time (usually within hours or the day itself!)
  • You get the most updated quality and highly-valuable business trainings – They can be ebooks, audios or groovier — videos.You see, we understand many people are visual learners just like we are,
    so we’ll provide you with an option to do it exactly how you’d prefer to actually learn and grasp concepts on the step-by-step business strategies, marketing techniques and systems you can implement to make profits immediately with our new resale & PLR products.
  • A lucrative & exclusive affiliate system that empowers you with the ability to make recurring income promoting “SBO Resale Treasures.”
    Of course, we aren’t proud to offer this benefit unless this membership site truly offers value to you and everyone else out there.Once you’re in, you’ll earn the exclusivity to promote us and make residual income as we do all the retaining effort to keep customers you bring in. Professionalism is guaranteed.
  • And much, much more we’ve not mentioned…

We understand the needs and wants of a marketer who wants to make massive riches online… and that is why:

You’re Going to be Equipped With Most of  What the Internet Marketing Industry Offers And Almost Everything You Need to
Begin Profiting Online in the Shortest Period of Time

We’ve created and gathered the most fresh, quality and top-of-the-line niche products for you to instantly make massive profits from, and do so by solving your customers’ problems at the lowest investment possible.

Trust us, nobody would admit that more sincerely than us. The amount we actually invest to create and gather all the resale and PLR products you get is more than most people would expect.

Yet, we are still striving to build “SBO Resale Treasures” — despite putting most of our own money down each month to continue improving the membership site — into one of the most credible “Start Business Online Academy” and make our customers successful and rich in their online ventures.

All of us want to market instantly profitable resale or PLR products that solves our customers’ desires and profit
from the value we truly deliver to our prospects… That is why we put in this much hard work so YOU get to make your customers satisfied and relieved with our products when you market them.

We’ve created “SBO Resale Treasures” so it has everything a new or savvy online marketer needs to begin creating a four to five-figure income–heck, even a six-figure income online in the long run every month–with our products right now, so this is something you shouldn’t miss.


“This Is Truly Gold!”
“When people always try to sell PLR membership and stuff I always get really upset by the quality of the products they get…

But unlike all those membership sites out there what John offer here is truly GOLD! Very useful resource for any marketer who is looking to get more products for your business! Highly recommended!”

Alvin Phang


“Customer Oriented Membership Site!”
“SBO Resale Treasures puts the accent on quality and value. John Tan has built a user-friendly, icon-driven membership site that gives members easy access to eBooks, articles, software, graphics and videos

John knows how to treat customers, providing quality support in a friendly manner. It’s been my pleasure to get to know John, a thoughtful Internet Marketer who works hard to provide members a pleasant experience.”

Patrick Pretty

And Unless We Make Sure You Achieve What You Want,
We Don’t Stop Improving

We have decided to record the “SBO Resale Treasures” membership site as one of Internet history’s highest beginner to lifetime successful online marketer academy, and to help the average person… to help you make a four
to five figure income easily right off the bat at the highest success rate.

That is why we’ll keep improving our whole members’ community until we form one of Internet’s most eminent
“Start Business Online Academy.”

When you request for additional changes, improvements and services, we’ll strive at our best to provide them to you at no extras at all in the fleetest time possible.

For one, your business will grow with “SBO Resale Treasures” at a distinct stride and we’ll continue to make more profits and income for your online business together — constantly!

And we’ll be that much grateful for your suggestions and even happier to make you satisfied for your request. Satisfaction is guaranteed with us.

More Meat than Promise & The Art of Over-Delivering

With “SBO Resale Treasures,” massive profits and satisfaction is exactly what you get because we understand
you have a business to run and need to cut costs at every corner.

To do that, we’ve done our limit’s best to help you begin your four to five-figure business online every month
at the lowest investment possible (and you’ll definitely agree with this when you see it at the end of this letter.)

Besides, we’ll also provide video or audio training every single month for questions you have about making money online. What you need to do is submit your questions to us and we will provide necessary trainings in the ‘monthly question answered’ section.

Other than the immensely valuable and quality resale & PLR products you get — you will also receive superb tools and software to help you make more money and this alone exceeds the value of your investment many times over!

One thing for sure: We won’t just keep an assortment of e-books, software or tools on file for show — instead, you will only get a showcase of elite “weapons” you’re supposed to use hand-in-hand to make massive profits with your online business in the shortest period of time, and do it better than your competitors combined.

Business System Models and Profit Strategies That Give You Exponential Possibilities for Making Money Online, Staying Focused And Pushing Your Profitability Through the Roof

To make sure you do profit from these resale and PLR products, these business system models and profit strategies you’ll learn inside will also be latest and updated on a constant basis.

Here’s why: As you’ve known by now, our goal is to reach for the highest rate of student to profitable online marketer success record — and that is why we’ll keep improving on our training and coaching programs inside to make sure you attract massive sales online right from the beginning.

We give you our word: These won’t be ebooks, audios, videos or courses that doesn’t have any value at all. When you’re inside “SBO Resale Treasures,” what you get is the industry’s newest, most powerful information and lessons that is guaranteed to make you money as you follow them to the point.

All you have to do is follow, and if you complete them as instructed it’s more than possible to have a profit-making money machine bringing you wealth years into the future.

It’s THAT potent.

We really want you to succeed and that is why we’ve done our best to provide you the most valuable resale &
PLR products and services through your own…

“SBO Resale TreasuresTM” Platinum Membership Access”

It’s called “SBO Resale Treasures” Platinum Membership Access not because we want to make it sound cheesy… but because it’s proven to increase conversion when you call it that. Yep, just some of the little marketing trade-secrets you’ll discover with our business & profit strategy trainings inside.

Either ways, the membership site invests in value much more than what most people will come to understand. However, It doesn’t matter because what makes us most proud is to bring you cash in the shortest time possible.

This membership will provide you with all the latest, most updated and in-demand quality resale and PLR products that will in literal ways — have your customers breaking their necks to buy your products over and over again!

That’s a metaphor of course, but we ensure you it will become your reality as you make massive online profits andenjoy the luxury it brings to your family when you make rivers of revenue from these products we supply you.


When you join “SBO Resale Treasures”, you instantly open the floodgates to your online wealth and…

  • Get to stomp competitors in your chosen niche and beat them at their own game delivering even more fresh, quality and top-of-the-line content, resale and PLR articles & products to your prospects and customers!
  • Have the wide pool of products, articles and tools to finally piece together high contents site or submit valuable articles that attract swarms of traffic slashing your advertising cost without giving much effort at all…
  • Stop spending more money than you receive in return and start reeling in big profits you can enjoy for that family vacation to Paris, Japan, Italy (or any other countries/places of your favor, those are a few that we loved to visit personally) —
  • Have literally thousands of products (worth an investment of over $100,000 — the cost of a real apartment!) in your arsenal that you can use and make massive income from at your disposal…
  • Own the secret resources of business system models and profit strategies that will take your profitability to the roof in no time…
  • And much, much more than we can physically list over here!


“Articles, Ebooks, Graphics, Software & Videos!”
“Thanks for putting it all together in to one site John, now I can cancel several of my other PLR subscriptions and save a bundle..

Just one of your ebooks has already paid for my membership for the next 8 months! “

Matt Garrett


“Superb, Unlike Most Membership Sites — Much Less Work than Before!”
“Hey John, great job on your membership site. I like the overall interface, it looks very professional. It is so easy to navigate my way around to find the stuff I want. The overall organization is superb, unlike most membership sites.

Reworking resell rights / PLR content & turning them into something that you can sell for higher price usually takes a lot of work but with such high quality material that you provided, I can do much less work than before. Thanks John, I look forward to the next update!”



“Grab This Before John Closes The Doors!”
“Grab this before John closes the doors. The material inside has been instrumental in helping me set up my niche websites. I’ve already earned more than 1000% with my niche sites using the material John provides. For the crazy monthly price he is charging, this is simply a 5 star membership. Thank you John “
Alvin Huang

Why You’ll Cash In On Top Dollars And Live A Happier, Stress-Free Life The Same Way High-Rollers Do

The “SBO Resale Treasure” Membership site is unlike any other on the market today. In fact, here are the different kind of products you’ll have at your disposal to profit from right now:

We compile the best, and you get to use them and market them for the highest profits at will because either of them will drive cash into your bank right away.

One thing for sure — your future collections will consist of only the highest-quality products which you can immediately make windfalls of cash from.


These Products Includes…

  • Niche & Online Business eBooks with Extremely High Demand
  • Niche & Online Business Graphics to Immediately Save You Time & Effort!
  • Internet Marketing Software to Increase Your Profits the Quick & Easy Way…
  • Latest Niche & Online Business Videos to Learn & Profit From (Certified-Professional)
  • Exclusive* Top-Rated Niche PLR Articles to Begin Your Desired Niche Businesses Now – Written by some of the most knowledgeable writers in their different expertise!
  • Plus all other extremely valuable offers that comes out most lately so we are sure to over-deliver and ensure your satisfaction with us!

Now you’d probably agree that’s an impressive package to have working for you. But all that’s available now is just
a small portion of what you can expect coming in the future. You don’t have to take my word for it, join “SBO Resale Treasure” and see if we live up to our words.

And if you need to take a look inside, here’s a screenshot to whet a little of your boiling appetite right now…

A Sneak Peek Into “SBO Resale Treasure” Members’ Area:

And much, much more to come!

All you have to do to begin making floods of online cash is simply by:

  1. Setting up a sales copy for the hot niche resale or PLR products (most of them come
    with ready-made, professionally written masterpieces) created or prepared in the membership…
  2. Follow simple, step-by-step training instructions to drive traffic into your product sales page (this is the most important part, and is also the key factor to your online success. You’ll discover tons of other different marketing secrets to further increase your business profits & income in our training section),
  3. And lastly…  sit back, relax and see continuous sales coming in every few days, hours or minutes as you return back to step 1 — creating more & more streams of money making niche businesses that gives you careless financial & time freedom when you want it… whenever you want it and that’s it!

There is almost no easier way to make consistent, reliable and steady four-five figure income than this system
we personally give you right now. Read this previous sentence again. Follow these 3 simple & proven instructions
laid out above… and you’ll have online businesses bringing in cold-hard cash into your bank account within the next 30 days, guaranteed.

Bottom line — “SBO Resale Treasures” will satisfy you in everything you desire of an ideal resale or PLR products membership site… with it, you’re on your way to begin numbers of successful niche businesses online that flood wealth into your life week after week, years ahead.

Back to whetting your already boiling appetite a little more, because:

Here’s A Closer Look at ALL the Benefits You Get And A Short Recap of What You’ll Receive As You Join Us Inside..

Membership Benefit #1

Weekly Added Resale And PLR Products: Most membership sites provide you new product on a monthly basis but with “SBO Resale Treasures,” your resale and PLR products library will be updated and added on a weekly basis.

Membership Benefit #2

    • Request For New Resale or PLR Products To Be Bought: If you see any launches that sells new resale or PLR products you personally want and they are yet to be provided in the members’ area, you can request us to buy them for you!

Membership Benefit #3

    • Expert Interview: You will get to listen to the interview that had been conducted with the top guru in the market like Mike Filsaime, Willie Crawford, Rusell Brunson and much more!

Membership Benefit #4

    • Discount Products: You will able to get special deal on some of the hot products in the market which you can’t get elsewhere. Some deal is as high as 50% off!

Membership Benefit #5

    My Personal Rolodex: You will get access to my personal secret resources and tools used to run our day to day business. These includes listings of affordable and professional graphic designers & Copywriters, products discounts, membership-access and much more.

Membership Benefit #6

    Price Lock Up: You see, the price for this membership will keep on increasing once the members’ level limit is reached. You can see the chart below. But the good news is — if you join TODAY, you will never need to invest at a higher price to remain with us unless you chose to drop out, which you most probably won’t once you experience the value offered inside the community.

Membership Benefit #7

    Access To Our Affiliate Program: You can access our exclusive affiliate program that earns you recurring commissions every month. Your membership fee will be more than paid for once you get over 2 people to join  “SBO Resale Treasures.” Because of the immense value offered, you’ll find it easier than you think to make a huge, comfortable income with our membership site.

Membership Benefit #8

    Increasing Benefits: We will keep on adding more benefits on top of the 6 benefits above. We care for our customers deeply so you can be assured that you’ll have everything you need to succeed along the way! That is why “SBO Resale Treasures” will continue to improve and strive to make you more profits, wealth, relieve and satisfaction online week after week!

You Can Get Started Today – Click Here Right Now

It can get no better with any of the other resale or PLR membership available in the industry. And if there’s anyway
at all, all you have to do is let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make the improvements possible.

That’s not all — because when you become a member of “SBO Resale Treasures,” you also get:

Our Members’ Exclusive “Ask John Section”
To Get Your Desired Online Business Questions Solved!

  • Do you have any questions that’s been bothering you on making money from your own unique resale or PLR products?
  • Do you have any problems in your online business you want get rid off as soon as possible?
  • Do you have boggling thoughts about starting your business online — any of them at all and want a quick and easy solution to it right now?

Because if you have either of the problems mentioned above, now you can send them to John Tan, founder of “SBO Resale Treasures” to answer your most endearing questions about creating massive amounts of cash online whenever you want —

And he is going take you by the hand, shred it all down for you into basic steps you can follow in his monthly audio or video training and give you the specific roadmap to your online goldmine once and for all!

Click Here To Let John Answer Your Question

The rest of the improvement is your choice, we’re new and is always improving. If what you suggest benefits everyone, we’ll implement it as soon as we can. 😉

There’s one thing you won’t expect of this membership however.

You see, this investment you make on joining this membership site will be unlike anything you’ve ever expect… because when you join us inside —

You Get It ALL Dirt Cheap!

The fact is, most people have come online with a budget caption on products they have to invest (in creating and maintaining)… and that is why we’ve created “SBO Resale Treasures” so it’ll be, in most people’s opinion — ridiculously affordable and beneficial to everyone.

Before we go into it however, we want to first hit it up a notch and ensure your confidence & trust in us with:

You Have Nothing To Lose…Click Here To Order Now

“You Will Have Access To Thousands Of ‘Salivating-Demand’ Resale And Private Label Rights Products That Will Take Your Business To
The Next Level Of Success”

But you have to be quick and take advantage of the low fast-mover investment right now.

The prices are subjected to constant increase once a certain number of places is filled, because we can then benefit early fast movers from price savings and further reward our loyal members. Our membership access is limited and exclusive to only people who appreciate the best of the best.

If you are quick, you can still lock in at the current plain illogical low monthly price of:

ONLY $27 Now! (For The First 50!)

Members Monthly Fees Availability
First 50 $27 Available(Filling Fast!)
51-150 $37 Available
151-250 $47 Available
251-350 $57 Available
351-500 $67 Available
500-1000 $77 Available

“Important Note! Please Read! Doors Will Be Closed After 500 Places Are Filled! You Will Be Put On The Waiting List!”

Are You Ready To Prosper?

You’ve struggled long enough and now it’s time for you to finally join the resale and PLR membership site that will cater to all of your business needs and help you reach all of your online income goals. Forget about investing in other courses or knowledge… it’s time you generate massive online cash right now.

And the fastest, easiest way you can do it is already prepared, laid out for you step-by-step in this one resale &
PLR membership site “SBO Resale Treasures.”

Sometimes in life opportunities knock when we least expect them to, but smart marketers and business people rush at them and grab the chance exactly when they present themselves. Well, today is such a day when opportunity knocked that way to make you wealth once and for all…

So before it’s too late —

“It’s Time For YOU To Hit The Online Jack-Pot And Cash In On Future’s
Most Valuable Membership Site Ever Put Together — Right Now!”

You won’t get another chance once our membership is filled. Once it’s closed, there is no other way to get in… and we can’t ensure you how soon that is. Therefore, don’t miss out and click on the sign up button below to join us inside immediately (you’ll laugh at why you hesitated when you drive massive floods of cash effortlessly every week 30 days from now):

SBO Resale Treasures Platinum Membership

 YES John, get me in right now! This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for — I’m eager to build my successful niche businesses and attract more wealth and happiness than I expect joining this amazing membership site!

  • Of course, I understand that my Membership is fully covered by your “30-Day No-Questions-Asked 100% money-back guarantee”. This means I’m risking nothing at all and there’s no other reason to miss out on being an exclusive member of “SBO Resale Treasures” before it’s closed to the public!
  • I further understand that my membership access is not subject to the only products available inside — simply because I can request for new resale & PLR products & features available in the industry but not provided inside to be prepared for me immediately!
  • Other than that, I will also get the latest, updated and most valuable ebooks, audio and video courses on business system models & profit strategies that will let me convert all of the resale & PLR products into a full-blown valuable Goldmine once I join “SBO Resale Treasures” — with that said:

Best of Success,

John Tan

P.S. – Remember, when you say YES to your own “SBO Resale Treasure Membership, you’re fully backed by our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

P.P.S. Please don’t let this opportunity pass you by. One year from now, you may look back over your life and regret that you didn’t take this truly lucrative opportunity when you had the chance if you didn’t lock-in your membership access right now.

P.P.P.S. Can’t make a decision yet? Don’t make any — give it a full “30-day trial” and see if you’re blown away with what you get from our secret members’ area! If you begin using either of the resale & PLR products following our
3-step simple system, you’ll be on your way to make four-five figures at the same time.

Now give yourself a chance and proceed to change your financial life forever, sign up now.

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