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[[firstname ]] Get Rich Online – Once Difficult, Now Easy
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If I could keep this information I’m about to reveal
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What I’m about to reveal to you will make many people
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Especially if you’re tired of hearing one sales pitch
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And you want to finally BE the one who
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Now [[firstname]],
what is actually stopping you from making
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I believe you’d want to share the comfort,
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even you yourself!

Do you have an answer?

If I were to guess it, and to guess it as
accurately as I can — I would say it’s mainly
because you don’t have PROVEN products to
market and profit from in the first place!

Now… what if I tell you I know a ‘secret source’
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And this ‘secret source’ also updates every
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I’m reluctant to share this new amazing resource
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Your Name

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To Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Online Marketers [[firstname]]
Bombarded With Sales Pitch… Now How to Get Rich Online [[firstname]]?
Don’t Know Where & What to Look For to Make Money Online, [[firstname]]?
‘Secret Source’ to Four-Five Figure Online In 30 Days, [[firstname]]
Rivers of Revenue Online, Here’s How [[firstname]]

Hi [[firstname]],

I understand you may be busy and may also
have no time reading yet another long personal
e-mail (or maybe even have to finish this message
just to read another one right now)…

But I ensure you, what you’ll discover on this
next page is going to worth your time…
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You see, sometimes we are bombarded with tons
and tons of sales pitches every day, nothing feels like
a special offer that will work anymore.

Especially lately since the past few months,
ranging from Web 2.0… Email Marketing…
to Product Launches one after another (big,
big launches with expensive products and
doesn’t necessarily guarantee you quick &
easy ways to profit) —

Don’t you agree at times we just don’t know
where and what is important to look out for
anymore as time passes by each day?

We came onto the Internet searching for ways
to make careless financial & time freedom…

But soon have our focus drifted away by one product
after another, and most of them brought us to no end
most of the times!

So [[firstname]], in the end…

Where should we look forward to, finally, so we can
settle down and follow ONE focused profitable plan
& system, make TONS of cash each and every month
AND begin enjoying the luxury which we have attained
with our truly loved ones?

If you let me, let’s get back down to some basic steps
to making money online:
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– First step,
You create or find a PRODUCT to sell…

– Second step,
You set up a sales page or use ready-made
sales copy provided for the product…

– Third step,
You send traffic to the page and begin
creating a list of subscribers and make sales…

– Fourth step,
You rinse and repeat with another product —

And that’s it!

That’s the whole big secret to getting rich online.

“But… how do I create my own products, or where
can I find PROVEN products to sell and make residual,
continuous & huge profits from in the first place” you ask? 🙂

I would never reveal this ‘secret source’ if I have
the choice to NEVER let anyone know about it…

As crazy as it sounds, however, it is so valuable
sooner or later news about it will spread and almost
everyone wanting to make money online will know
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So before other people know about this valuable
information, I want to let my valued subscribers
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You can even have your first river of revenue
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making careless financial & time freedom in
the next 3 months.

P.P.S. Let’s not spread it out in the meantime,
and keep it exclusive between ourselves for as long
as you can benefit from it. 🙂


“Project Wealth Mastermind” presents —

“The Exclusive Big Ticket to Wealth Mentoring Newsletter”

Hi [[firstname]],

Are you here because you expected more from life?
Are you here because you’ve decided it’s time
to TRULY achieve wealth… happiness… and REAL
financial freedom?

We’ve got what you seek my friend.

Thank you for signing in, and welcome…

…to Big Ticket to Wealth.

The fact that you signed up means you’ve taken a choice.
We know what choice you’ve made…

And the good news is:

We’re here to hold you by the hands and pull you up,
up to where we are, on the SAME journey, SAME steps,
SAME blueprint on achieving success together…

Before we go on, let us promptly introduce ourselves:
Project Wealth Mastermind consists of 25 bright individuals
who creates a complete “Big Ticket to Wealth” blueprint to
earning $1,000,000 each year in a collective mastermind effort
for people like you.

This Mastermind consists of copywriters, web developers,
programmers, traffic generation experts, lead generation experts
and more — each of us contributing our strengths to create
a highly resonating Mastermind of wealth and achievements.

Right at this moment, we are still uncovering the fastest ways
to attract $1,000,000 for members like you to begin from scratch
and achieve results within the next 6-12 Months.

With Project Wealth Mastermind…
you have the world’s most dedicated, effective mentors
in creating success for you and your business together.

And that’s for a reason.

Now before we continue on your Big Ticket to Wealth success,
let’s make ONE thing very clear.

There is one important step we have to ascertain
before we go on… and it is CRUCIAL that you know this
because your future success with “Big Ticket to Wealth”
highly relates to it.

And this step is:

“You will have to know…why Big Ticket to Wealth”
is unlike any business system you’ve ever seen before.”

To begin with…

It is the FIRST of its industry that has ever existed online.
(And you’ll learn more about this as we go on)

Other than that, “Big Ticket to Wealth” is also not
a multi-level marketing company. It is nothing like it at all.

If there is one clear similarity between
and “Big Ticket to Wealth,” it will have to be its
IMPROVED affiliate-tier program that enables you
to achieve huge results in the shortest period of time.

Big Ticket to Wealth is a unique system designed
to make it’s members wealthy —

Its system is one of Internet history’s highest potential
to put members in position of earning $30,000 within
one month of joining the system.

You’re about to learn how…
…as you discover its simplified system for members:

– That does NOT require you to make calls
– Does NOT require you to sell products yourself
– And does NOT need you to convince prospects altogether…

Because everything is completed exclusively
by the system which is 98% AUTOMATED for you!

Are you intrigued?

If you are [[firstname]], we’re here to introduce you
your exclusive blueprint to making $30,000 your first month:

Visit the link and go sign up right now.

On the next email, you’ll learn the secrets on
how to specifically attract wealth and accelerate your ability
to make cold, hard cash whenever you want.

In the meantime, make sure you take a test drive
and join “Big Ticket to Wealth” for fre.e right away at:

“Project Wealth Mastermind” presents —

“The Exclusive Big Ticket to Wealth Mentoring Newsletter”

Hi [[firstname]],

Have you signed up for your fre.e test-drive over at: yet?

If you haven’t, head over to this link below and
complete the steps to get a REAL feel of your future…

$30,000 a month or MORE business system within 2 minutes —

As we go on…

You’ll CONTINUE to discover how increasing your income
till $1,000,000 every year is more possible than you’ve ever

“Whether you think you can or you can’t,
either ways you are right” — Henry Ford

Let’s get started:

Our Project Wealth Mastermind leader,
Jason Mangrum showed us THREE secret steps to take
when we first gotten together in the beginning.

If you understand them to the core of their lessons…
they could worth more to you than ALL the wealth
and happiness in this world… COMBINED.

So as you allow those words to sink in your mind…
read on:

You are going to do three things.
These things will accelerate your ability
to make cold, hard cash whenever you want.


1. Visit this web site and do the exercise:

2. Visit this web site and be enlightened:

3. Visit this web site and print out the result:

They are designed to help people.

At the same time, they’re monetized.

The lesson has started, by the way.

We hope you’re paying attention.

We want you to visit those three sites,
use them and report back to us any thoughts,
feelings, inspirations, ideas, and/or success
stories you’ve obtained.

You will find those sites manifest money.

We’re not asking you to believe it. We’re telling you to do it.

We want reports of what you experienced after a session
with each site. Post them back to us. Just do it.

“Project Wealth Mastermind” presents —

“The Exclusive Big Ticket to Wealth Mentoring Newsletter”

Hi [[firstname]],

Did the Big Ticket to Wealth Mentoring Newsletter
last issue opened your eyes to seeing things an empowering,
new way?

We look forward to your reply on any past successes,
comments, ideas and inspirations you’ve experienced
after reading these THREE wealth resources.
As for today…

You will discover and learn the foundation to beginning
your own Big Ticket to Wealth business system.

You will also SEE proofs on how making $1,000,000 a year
is as easy as following a complete, simple, and step-by-step
duplicable business blueprint to achieving wealth with this system.

Before we continue however, let us introduce you
to the CEO of Big Ticket to Wealth, Gerald Van Yerxa
so you’ll further understand the big picture.

Fortunate for you [[firstname]] —

Project Wealth Mastermind has direct communication
with Gerald through the head of our Golden Mastermind,
Jason Mangrum all this while.

(Although he’s earning over $6,000,000 every year,
this is a humble man who calls himself an ordinary dad,
blessed with how to make REAL money online.)

With the CEO & Founder plus its highest earning member,
Brian McCoy who’s also got Project Wealth Mastermind’s back,
you’re getting the most exclusive attention and guide to wealth
with this system.

Imagine… just how much leverage and benefits you’ve got
because you get every bit of valuable wisdom we’ve learnt
from our direct communication with these multi-millionaires.

To sum it up:

You’re now being personally coached by multi-millionaires
because you are also revealed to EVERY secret and wisdom
these men have unfolded… and you’ll learn them right on
these words — in every issue of this mentoring newsletter!

If you have time [[firstname]], take a look at Gerald’s
everyday lifestyle enjoying his time and freedom with his loved ones:
(You get to see lots of pictures of Gerald with his kids
…and the beautifully decorated stone pillars his wife had
for the mansion)

The point is, you can achieve similar success —

And exceeding the CEO & Founder in terms of wealth
with this system is entirely possible… let your mind wonder.

Now as you feel more and more confident with yourself,
let’s continue to show you how making $1,000,000 a year
is simpler than you think:

Remember in the previous newsletter you’ve learnt how
Big Ticket to Wealth is 98% Automated?

This means when you get someone to sign up below you…

– You don’t have to do any personal selling…
– You don’t have to do any sales calling…
– And you don’t have to convince any prospects at all…

Because the system automatically does ALL that for you!

When you join Big Tickets to Wealth as a National member,
every referral immediately pays $300 straight to you —

And that’s not where it stops:

Every consecutive sale that your referral make
also sends $300 straight to your bank account!

If you were to make $1,000,000 a year, that only breaks down
to 3,334 sales a year — 277 sales a month, an average of 9 sales
per day.

Do you have to personally make 9 sales a day?

Not even close!

Assuming you have 10 referrals, each of them making
only ONE sales per day would have sent your profit records
to the top.

But hey…our mathematician told us there’s a faster way
and in only one step you could change 3,334 sales…

Into only 1111 sales per year to make $1,000,000 a year,
which means assuming you have 10 referrals, each of them
making ten sales per MONTH would make you a millionaire.

How? The answer is inside.

Indulge in your new business system and follow your gut
feeling. We’ll take your hand and make you a millionaire:

Tomorrow, you’ll learn secrets to making sales
with Big Ticket to Wealth.


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