Natural Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics a history

Some two thousand years ago, Roman women used cosmetics containing arsenic and mercury. Did they look good? Sure.

Would we dream of using such products ourselves? Of course not. Arsenic and mercury are toxic. They are poisonous.

Who know what badness could come of dusting our faces with them daily.

One wonders how we might look back at 20th century cosmetics in the future.

We live in enlightened times, where everyone knows about vitamins, about getting enough exercise, why you should not smoke and what might give you cancer.

And yet we still use cosmetics containing the most horrendous sounding ingredients.

Formaldehyde, paraffin, sodium lauryl sulfate.

Would you wear these?

Would you drink them?

We now know that skin absorbs chemicals it is in contact with.

As much as sixty percent of the chemicals that we apply to our skin are absorbed into our bloodstream.

How good do you need to look to make it worthwhile?

Chemicals contained in contemporary cosmetics, and their effects on the human body:

  • Parabens

Parabens is a petroleum extract. It is known to cause skin irritation and has been linked to increased risk of developing breast cancer, as well as reduced sperm count in men. Nobody knows what other negative effects parabens may have. It is a component of some 99% of cosmetics on the market today.

  • Toluene

Toluene is a by-product of crude oil refinement. Studies show that it may cause damage to the nervous system, symptomized by nausea, exhaustion and appetite loss. Chances are, some of your cosmetics contain Toluene.

  • Dibutyl phthalate

By the time a woman has a child, if she has a child, chances are she will have used many cosmetics containing Dibutyl phthalate.

Dibutyl phthalate has been shown to cause birth defects, as well as damage to the reproductive system of men.

The list goes on.

Why do we continue to use these products without knowing what harmful chemicals may be in them?

Without demanding that manufacturers look out for our health first and foremost?

Why to choose natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics use only 100% natural, organic ingredients taken directly from nature, whether animal, mineral or vegetable.

They are not refined, or processed, or chemically modified in any way.

No petroleum residue here.

Pure fruit extracts, bee’s wax, fresh flowers and herbs and natural oils from nuts and seeds.

Natural cosmetics look great and feel great, and not only are they not detrimental to your health in the same way that synthetic chemicals and processed gasoline will be, they can even provide their own beneficial healthy effects, supplying vitamins and minerals, essential omega 3 oils and other nourishing ingredients to be absorbed through the skin, helping to protect and safeguard your health.

Makes a change, doesn’t it?

Natural cosmetics can look every bit as good as the synthetic kind, and if you don’t believe it we challenge you to give them a try and see.

It’s your health.

Can you really afford not to?

Always use 100% natural and organic cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are formulated to reach a certain standard, always with your health foremost in mind.

They do not contain any synthetic material.

The ingredients can only be refined using physical or natural biological processes (like the fermentation of fruit using yeast to make wine) and not chemical processes.

And they do not go through any heavy, factory-style processing.

The ethos of natural cosmetics is that you could make them in your own home if you had the ingredients.

Organic foundation with plant extracts, vitamins and antioxidants, 100% natural and good for you.

Organic lipstick made with hemp seed oil and fruit extracts.

Eye shadow made with jojoba and calendula, 100% organic, 100% natural.

Quite a difference, isn’t it.

In contrast, synthetic cosmetics use chemicals that we would not normally consider letting anywhere near us.

They are often substantially chemically altered.

Many have toxic side-effects.

The choice is clear.

Like smoking, if you continue down the wrong path, don’t come back later and say we didn’t warn you.

Natural cosmetics are growing in popularity as more and more people wake up to the health benefits and realize that the quality of the products is no worse, is in fact in many cases better, than the synthetic cosmetics they have been using.

Ordinary cosmetics can destroy your skin

Additionally if you suffer from a skin condition such as acne or eczema, natural cosmetics, full of vitamins and essential nutrients, are more likely to improve your condition than make it worse, like covering up with chemicals can.

More and more natural cosmetics are becoming available all the time, to fill every niche, satisfy every need.

We are making a change now.

The big cosmetics companies are going to have to start looking after your health, or they are going to lose you.

Join us.

Try natural cosmetics today.

Look better.

Feel better.