5 Amazing Long-Term Creative Copywriting Strategies

The key to great marketing is that you continually provide creative copywriting. And after a few years, that can be hard.

You might start to feel like you’ve already written about everything in your field. How do you turn your cold brain into red hot ideas?

Take on a persona

Creative copywriting exudes personality. You can get a sense and a feel for the views, ideas and opinions of the minion behind the keyboard.

Why not take this as an opportunity to be someone else, for a change? Pretend you’re writing like a high-school girl who has a huge crush on a boy while you spin out dating blogs.

Imagine you’re a world-traveled adventurer while you give advice about summer vacation spots. You might even jazz up your creative copywriting just by usin’ a new way of talkin’ to your audience.

You might  want to decide you want to try writing for Amazon SEO services as route to a full time job. Explain how you would set off on a journey to be an Amazon copywriter.

Take yourself away from your standard writing practice and give any of the aforementioned ago. I think you might be surprised.

Copywriting Strategies

Hire someone to create a plan

I had the opportunity to consult with an education marketing agency last week who felt like, after over 20 years in business, their work had gone stale. They saw the need to hear some fresh ideas about their old ways of doing things.

Since they were open to the change, it will be very easy for them, er, me! to create an enticing SEO blogger campaign that suits their company. Just a new perspective can totally change how creative your brand is perceived.

Creative copywriting when you’ve gone stalemate could just be lacking a little zest in your muffins. Consider an exchange of services with someone who’s business is similar to yours.

Perhaps you do a column in their blog once a week and they do a column in yours. What you’re really looking for is an exchange of ideas that freshens up the concepts you present. They might include:

  • Interviews
  • Expert editorials
  • Re-posted with permission pieces
  • Guest blogs
  • Take Pictures While You’re Out

My key to inspiration is typically the things I see and feel all around me. A picture while I’m out and about reminds me later of a point I’d like to make to my audience. Creative copywriting inspired by real life experiences will give you an extra boost to your work.

Launch something new

The best advice to cure the creative copywriting blues is simply to launch a new product or service. Think a little differently into something that will re-energize you and your team.

Build your creative copywriting out from your concept. If you launch a, “Website Planning Guide” spin off:

  • A blog from each question
  • A discussion on how to find competitors’ sites
  • Launch party ideas

Remember that creative copywriting is supposed to get you outside of the box and give a unique, energized spin to you company. If you feel inspired, so will your readers – and the key to a great brand is great engagement.