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Amazon SEO Listing Optimization Copywriter

Note*: This letter is to be read by established
online business owners and entrepreneurs only

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Proven & Converting Online
Sales Copy (Record of 11.6%)
And Make Clients Profit at
Record Speed, Consistently“If you’d like to own high-converting
Amazon sales copy that exceeds your expectations,
to own a ‘Profit-Certified Top Gun’
for your business. . . please read on.

“Discover why his circle of clients are laughing over
recent results in their Amazon sales & profits, and what they’ve got
in return… for a fraction of their increased wealth
Understand however it may be difficult to
reserve my time, and I never take rush jobs.” — Seth C.

Sunday, 11.02 AM
From Seth’s patio:

Hi, my name is Seth Chong.

Now you’ve probably never heard of me, but as you read down this letter… you’ll learn why more and more Amazon online business owners & entrepreneurs are searching for me, and –

Why you’re about to improve your real estate business almost overnight.

Studies show and proof most  businesses are losing money each day because of ineffective marketing and the lack of growth in revenues.

  • If you are not increasing your Amazon customer database at an incremental pace,
  • If you are not getting more and more cash flow each month,
  • If you are not living the life you want, have all the financial & time freedom you dream of and instead, still desire to have less concerns over your business…

Then you are still losing money — more than you deserve, and you know what’s at stake if this continues…

Do you realize the potential dramatic difference?

The fact is, you can change things around easily if you feel threatened with your decreasing online sales. Better yet, if you want to increase your online profits. It isn’t that difficult at all  — if you know how.

You see, the biggest reason why most people don’t make satisfactory Amazon sales online is because they have a mediocre sales message or if you prefer — they have weak copy.

This means by rabidly improving elements in their sales piece, they can actually catapult their business to new heights, close sales at maximum capacity and live as never before.

Picture this… in the hands of an experienced Amazon marketer, by making some little tweaks to the headline of your sales copy you can experience a 370% boost in sales and profits.

Instead of one buyer (or less) for every 100 visitors (which is normal), with an educated improvement you could be getting 3-4 buyers for every 100 prospects… and literally triple or quadruple your revenues.

To make an even clearer picture — it’s as if you’re making $10,000 a month and now quickly shifted to $30,000 or $40,000 in one day (instead of one off-shore house you can now buy three or four in different countries)… which is dramatic difference.

Plus, all we’re talking about is a slight change in the headline. Imagine what would happen when you improve elements like the offer… the promotion… the proof — your financial results at the end of each month will never be the same again!

By making key improvements to your sales copy,
you can amass multiplied fortunesfast.

But as proven time and again, you need more than ‘intermediate’ marketing experience to write breakthrough, profitable sales copy.

You see, some people couldn’t write a page of convincing Amazon sales copy even if they know all the copywriting secrets available in the world…

Some couldn’t craft sales copy that achieve satisfactory results no matter how many hours of ‘sweat’ they put in…

While some could never write copy which brings in financial & time freedom despite trying everything they can!

And that’s only the beginning

Even when they do come up with converting Amazon copy at last, it can get weeded out by the next competitor (who has um.. maybe slightly more complicated marketing intelligence… slightly better products… greater adaptability with web trends etc.) with ease…

Because they fall far behind in terms of understanding what really make buyers tick.Especially when people are getting more and more immune to sales pitches thrown at them every single day, good just doesn’t do you any justice anymore.

In short, if you continue using average copy — all you can expect to is horror from potential sales flushed down the drain… people thrashing away or ignoring your offer… the fading of your profits each week or worse… from how your business is going to sustain itself in the marketplace!

Now my question is: Is it all worth it?

Do you need to sweat it out days & nights coming up with profitable sales copy… or… get cheap Amazon copywriters to craft more mediocre copy for you?

The fact is, you don’t have to.

If you’re an experienced business owner or entrepreneur, you know you don’t have to.

Actually, you know you shouldn’t.

Because you can have a reliable, consistent and growth-oriented copywriter bring in more profits and wealth through his craft for you — with a peace of mind, in record time.

If you’ve been in the direct-response industry for quite some time, you know really good Marbella copywriters can write ads or sales copy to sell refrigerators to Eskimos and bring you profits beyond what you imagine. It’s a metaphor, but with Marbella property you get the idea.

Unfortunately… not all property copywriters can do the same for you and drive your sales off the roof.

Sure, famous and expensive copywriters like the late Gary Halbert, John Carlton,
Gary Bencivenga, Clayton Makepeace, Harlan Kilstein or Dan Kennedy can create results you desire. And they really can. In fact, I studied their work in the past.

However… you’ll need to invest $25,000 and above plus royalty — bare minimum for each copy they write at this time.

So why invest that much if you can have a personal Amazon copywriter write similarstronger or more profitable sales copy for you at a much lesser investment?

“No One I Know Better…
& 10% Sales Conversion!”

There are many property copywriters
out there who claims to be the best and charge high prices but there is no one I know better than Seth Chong… because his copywriting skills truly sells! If you are still thinking about getting Seth to write a copy for you… you  better do it as his skills of writing has made sales conversions as high as 10% for me!”Alvin Phang

Because — if you qualify — you can benefit from my talent
in delivering breakthrough Amazon sales copy and attract careless financial & time freedom into your life, this year!

You’ll learn why you can totally disregard your competitors in a while, but first understand
I’m a straight-forward person. And I want to confess hiring me can be a challenge sometimes… Not because of myself of course, but because of my clients.

I’ll explain.

Because of the results I deliver plus demand from people to leverage my talents, to make them exponential business profits & growth in the long run… many clients will fill up my time schedule.

I want to work with you and craft sales copy or ads that give you results you want –

However being fully-occupied, I may not get to work with you up until months later on agreement of using my copywriting service.

It doesn’t happen every month, but I can’t guarantee you’ll get a hold of me in a short period of time either.


Only continue reading down this letter if your choice suggests you do:

In this qualifying step, you have to choose either of the two options below.

To ensure efficiency, I’m only accepting clients who, through experience understand the value of hiring a proficient Amazon copywriter and have a strong desire to improve their profits in a whole new level — even if it means waiting.

The rest of this letter serves serious & qualified online business owners or entrepreneurs only. So when you’re ready… please tick the choice closest to describing your current situation and proceed as instructed:

“I may not have patience to wait for the time you schedule for me Seth (within 6 months) – and I understand my business is making the maximum amount of profits and revenues right now. Thanks and I’m closing this page.”

“YES Seth, I am ready to grow my Amazon business & profits into a whole new level even if it means waiting. I will continue reading to discover benefits of working together with you, and how I can give myself the careless financial & time freedom I deserve!”

If you’ve chosen to continue reading — then you’ve certainly made a great decision, and we’ll make you proud for it.

By going through the previous step, you’ve proven yourself as a progressive business owner or entrepreneur who understands the value of good copywriting.

Because of that, you will also understand how, as you read down the page… this can be
the most profitable letter you ever read.

Now when you get your sales masterpiece crafted by me, here’s what I want you
to expect.

  • Your Amazon copy will be honest & empathizing.
  • Your copy will form a good relationship with your prospects.
  • Your copy will be emotionally compelling to make people buy from you.
  • Your copy will be written personally by me to close sales.
  • And your Amazon copy will get profits & response much higher than before
    you have me on your side.

Simply stated, your copy will have every essential element to hit the home-run and bring you the improved growth you desire.

The truth is…

When You Get Me Write A Sales Copy For You, I’ll Treat It
As My Own And Improve Your Business’ Profits Like I Do
For Mine.

What you’re looking for in your copywriter shouldn’t be just a piece of sales copy.

Like expert copywriter Ryan M. Healy once said, you want a copywriter who has the marketing mindset. But other than that, I’ll add on and say you need a copywriter who has the entrepreneur’s way of thinking as well.

Many copywriters write sales copy for the sake of only writing sales copy, and they’d never have more interest in your business after taking their fees.

However, as an entrepreneur I understand what business means for us.

As you work with me and become one of my close business friends, you’ll realize I take on your business like I do for mine — and I won’t let you run your business alone after creating your sales-closing masterpiece. Because I’ll be right there working with you.

Before making sure you’re totally satisfied, I give you my firm promise of writing your sales copy close to perfect personally, and guarantee you much greater increase in sales.

Which is the reason why many clients will run to me anytime they need help with their sales copy and fill up my schedule again and again.

When I choose a project, I make sure it leads to potential future collaborations as well.

Unless you’re a progressive business owner fearless for success and is ready to live better than you currently are, refrain from reading further.

Because… as you work with me, you’ll begin getting sales & profits so massive you have no choice but to meet the demand, improve your business and do more of what you want with your loved ones.

And the reason I’m confident with this, is because I qualify clients whose profits I can increase on the phone before accepting their projects.

Therefore, you’ll have to let me know why I should work with you, and help you gain much greater profits instead of another client.

As you have me on your side however, you can involve me in masterminding your business and further bring your responses off the roof. At the end, what I aim to achieve is to create a trusted and profitable friendship with you.

Rest assured, we’re going to be doing this crossed shoulders and produce amazing results together for a long time.

I have to admit I’m not cheap nevertheless.

Of course you’ll have concerns investing in this copywriting project, and I understand that. However, what you should really think about is your increased wealth.

Listen – if your Amazon copywriter can create an additional $100,000 in annual income, would you consider investing 10% of it to get this amount of wealth (and this continues for years)?

This explains why expensive copywriters get what they ask — because they get results, and they can make their clients very rich…very quickly while keeping it consistent!

If your copywriter only works to pay his mortgage… you’re probably going to pay his fees and never hear much again from him after he finishes his job. Perhaps not even get higher profits as well, since they won’t care to guarantee their craft.

If your copywriter only write for his own financial reasons… you’re probably never going to achieve breakthrough results or a real peace of mind from his craft because he doesn’t have the initiative to care for your business.

But as you trust me with your sales copy, I’ll do my limit’s best to craft copy which guarantees increase in your profits & response, and help advice on your testing & tracking process to further improve profits if you choose to.

Bottom line: When you invest in my time, you only make profits.

And for this reason only should you have decided whether to use my expertise and get higher sales & response for your business right now.

But as I’ve said before, you might not get a hold of my time months ahead either…
I may be booked months in advance, and if I’m reserved you will have to wait until
the date scheduled for you (usually within 6 months) before we get to improve your business and profits.

And as you’ve also read in the beginning, I don’t, or never, take rush jobs.

If you want me to skyrocket your business profits, the only way is to reserve a personal schedule with me right now. Within the next minute, as you finish reading this letter.Now here’s my personal guarantee to you:

100% More Results & Wealth
Or Walk Away Richer Double
Risk-Free Guarantee”
Hire me. Get me write your sales masterpiece
and see your income soar.
Unless you get increased response & profits from my copy, I’ll rewrite them up to three times or until you recoup your investment in the next 6 months.To double it up:If my craft doesn’t increase a minimum of 40% in response or profits to your current project, you get a 100% full refund of your initial fee at the end of 6th month — no questions asked, nothing personal, only competent business.— Seth Chong

I believe in my craft, and that is why I’m willing to back it up this way. It’s either you experience positive changes in profits, or you benefit in other areas of life — one way
or another.

When you invest in my time, you only make profits.

Don’t allow things to stay put at the less profitable or unwanted situation it is. Unless you take action today, nothing will change – and it’s probable you won’t get what you truly deserve in life forever. Here’s a little comparison of a possible you this year:

If you’re making $10,000 a month and could improve sales conversion by a slight 50% (being as modest as we can) — you’re about to make $15,000 each month and increase your income from $100,000 a year to easily $150,000 (and growing) for years to come.

Would it make sense to invest a small fortune to achieve long term gains like these?

If you pass my important guidelines of:

  • Being a self-driven, progression-minded business owner/entrepreneur
  • Have a business which sells only ethical Amazon products & services…
  • And you are ready to boost sales & profits of your Amazon products & services immediately…

Then I invite you to send me an introduction email titled — “Copywriting Project” with
at least 150 words about you, your business, your goal (include your personal phone number) to seth.chong @ to get your free 30-minute, $97-value business evaluation & consultation call with me immediately.

I will then schedule a time to call you (usually within 24-72 hours) — and significantly fill your life with more wealth, freedom and happiness from when we work together.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

To your most profitable sales masterpiece yet,

Seth Chong

P.S. Remember: When you work with me, other than getting a piece of sales copy that sends your profits & response off the roof, you also get to involve me in masterminding your business and continue bringing in breakthrough response & profits years ahead…

P.P.S. Hire me. Get me write your sales masterpiece and see your income soar. Unless you get increased response & profits from my copy, I’ll rewrite them up to three times or until you recoup your investment in the next 6 months.

Furthermore, to ensure your relief: If my craft doesn’t increase a minimum of 40% in response or profits to your current project, you’ll get a 100% full refund on your initial fee at the end of 6th month — no questions asked, nothing personal, only competent business.

P.P.P.S. For the last time – “When you invest in my time, you only make profits.” Hire me now before having to wait another few months to work exclusively with me.

Note*: As you’re reading this letter, controversial news are getting out about my copywriting results and more clients will book my time in advance. Send in your email (follow instructions described above) for a free $97-value business evaluation & consultation call before my schedule is full. After that, it’s too late.